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Water, wine or juice pitcher

Named after a Greek wine grape, this pitcher (/carafe/jug) is a beautiful addition to the dinner table. Fill with your desired drink of choice... and pour the love!

✹ Volume: 600 ml (20 oz)

✹ Height: approx. 17cm

✹ Body: beige speckled clay

 Finish: purple brown (smokey merlot)


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More info

  • This pitcher is 100% handbuilt in Flanders glazed + baked in Brussels, Belgium. Due to the nature of ceramics and being handmade pieces there may be some slight imperfections. The depicted product is not always 100% the same as the purchased product.

Handle with love & care

𖦹 This stoneware is dishwasher safe, although washing it with lukewarm water will preserve the colour of the glazing for a longer period of time.
⌇ The stoneware is also microwave safe. Although we recommend not using the LIMNIO pitcher in the microwave for whatever reason.

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